New living experience at The Grand Manhattan in the heart of District 1

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 15:46

When other elements such as location, amenities and services are above average at luxury properties, emotion becomes the key factor that persuades people to decide to buy an apartment since they do not simply look for a home but also living space that shows their individual style and sophistication.

Have you ever wondered why rich people never think twice about paying dozens of thousands of dollars for an expensive watch or a limited edition bag?

Of course, these money-wise celebrities never ‘"throw money out the window” for fun. What they really pay is for rare stuff, skillful craftsmanship and the emotion or feeling that the watch or bag brings to them.

The world’s most luxurious brands such as Patek Phillippe, Rolls Royce, Hermès, and Channel, have some secrets to satisfy their hard-minded and demanding customers.

If Rolls Royce lures the attention of the upper class with its custom-made car models,

Hermès artisans attract customers with their tailor-made bags.

It is not just a brand name, it is an item specially crafted for each individual.

New living experience in the centre of District 1

The Grand Manhattan reserves The Imprint of Pride collection of 26 bespoke condos to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy a distinguished and impressive lifestyle.

The project is in HCM City’s golden location, with facades on two prime streets, Co Giang and Co Bac in District 1.

Condo owners will love the panoramic city views and find it easy to travel to historical and cultural landmarks such as the Opera House, Ben Thanh Market, Nha Rong Wharf, and Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Plaza besides modern constructions like the metro station and Pullman Hotel.

The Grand Manhattan, The Imprint of Pride in Central District 1, offers a unique and worthy living experience to occupants

Singer Khanh Phuong has been living in the heart of District 1 since he was a child and understands better than anyone else about the convenience of living in the core of the central area.

From here, people can easily travel to all other districts while enjoying a diverse and rich range of services.

But the main reason that caused the singer to choose The Grand Manhattan was that the place brings him inspiration and joy every day.

“The Grand Manhattan has an ecosystem of high-quality international amenities such as the five-star Avani Hotel, infinity pool, huge shopping mall in the middle of a green space, NovaFnB chain of fine cuisine along with the international professional operating system, Savills Premium,” Phuong, who is famous for the hit Chiec Khan Gio Am (The Warm Handkerchief), said.

“Not only me but also most of us dream of living in such an outstanding environment, a place where we can enjoy comfortable and convenient living.”

International service ecosystem

Inspired by the modern and dynamic lifestyle of New York’s Manhattan, The Grand Manhattan offers a full range of high-class facilities provided at international five-star resorts such as shopping malls, huge parks, swimming pools, and BBQ areas.

The Grand Manhattan has all kinds of high-class amenities to meet owners’ needs.

After returning home from the US, singer Huy Tam said he was surprised and proud to see such a high-quality and classy project like The Grand Manhattan. He was impressed with all its amenities including the five-star hotel and 4,200sq.m park to the interior landscaping and, especially, the designated car parking space.

Singer Huy Tam admires the real estate products developed by Novaland.

“I am happy to choose a condo at The Grand Manhattan. I was born and grew up in the centre of District 1, and so I clearly understand that not too much land is available for real estate development.

“The Grand Manhattan has the most central location in the city with all amenities, utilities and services attached. The condos are a match for international luxury developments. I am pleased with the living environment here.”

The Grand Manhattan - The Imprint of Pride in Central District 1

Hotline: 1900 636666


Address: No 100 Co Giang St, District 1, HCM City

Preferential policies for owners of The Grand Manhattan:

* Commitment to pay rental of up to $3,000/month for 36 months;

* Easy ownership by paying only 40% over nearly 6 years;

* Complimentary 5-star resort stay for 5 years or membership of PGA Golf Course;

* Privilege of owning a car parking spot in the centre of District 1.

(*) Apply with conditions

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