KOCHAM, NovaGroup sign deal for collaboration in multiple spheres of business

Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021 08:58

The Korea Association of Commerce and Industry in Ho Chi Minh City (KOCHAM) and NovaGroup on December 27 signed a cooperation agreement covering a number of fields.

They will collaborate to organise major cultural and art programmes, festivals, sports events, and entertainment activities, and South Korea-Vietnam trade promotion and tourism events at NovaGroup’s projects.

This is expected to create a foundation for developing a long-term relationship between the two sides, building cooperative relationships with members and partners of KOCHAM and promoting the strengths and growth potential of the parties to contribute to the socioeconomic development.

KOCHAM and NovaGroup executives sign a cooperation agreement

In future the two sides will create favourable conditions for researching and developing cooperation in all fields of mutual interest.

KOCHAM will encourage its members and partners to use products and services in NovaGroup’s ecosystem. NovaGroup in turn will provide them with special incentives.

Mr Shon Young IL, president of KOCHAM in Ho Chi Minh City, hoped the two sides would share information and make practical contributions to reviving the economy, tourism and trade between the two countries post-COVID.

Mr Shon Young IL, president of KOCHAM in Ho Chi Minh City, speaks at the event

At the signing ceremony, Ms Hoang Thu Chau, CEO of NovaGroup, expressed happiness at the relationship between the two parties: “Through this partnership, NovaGroup aims to expand relations with Korean businesses operating in Vietnam to support us to soon become the leading company in Vietnam with a full world-class ecosystem of products and services.”

On the journey of 29 years of establishment and development, NovaGroup aims to become the leading economic development and investment group in Vietnam, and play the role of a bridge for other Vietnamese businesses with the same ambition: that of reaching out to the world.

NovaGroup connects and supports the business community with all the resources it has in its ecosystem, creating outstanding added value in offering high-class experience products and services to the community.

In its development strategy for 2021-25 with a vision towards 2030, in the field of tourism, NovaGroup aims to build dozens of satellite townships and mega tourist townships in 30 provinces and cities and nine regional entertainment zones that will receive 36 million domestic and foreign tourists by 2025.

Ms Hoang Thu Chau, general director of NovaGroup, speaks at the event

KOCHAM has been operating in Vietnam for 17 years with more than 5,000 members who operate in various industries and significantly contribute to the economic development of Vietnam.

KOCHAM and Korean businesses have created strong links for building a new supply chain in the context of COVID-19 for Vietnamese businesses and are committed to helping Vietnam recover and develop its economy in future.

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