Happy Residence Premier: Be unique with the first-ever translucent pool

Monday, Aug 06, 2018 08:00

Besides its prestige that has been burnished over the last 25 years in Viet Nam, Phu My Hung Development Corporation also attracts many customers with its constant innovation.

Every year this giant property developer brings to the market a number of projects, and they have all have been phenomenally successful: all units are sold within a short period of a sales event opening.

Experts and customers said they are extremely impressed by what Phu My Hung does with its projects.

Besides creating an ideal living environment, Phu My Hung also co-operates with leading designers around the world to create unique architectural features for each of its apartment towers.

Two weeks ago the company launched a new project called Happy Residence Premier. The project has attracted many customers and has been hailed by experts for its location, unique design and amenities.

Less than 500m far from the project are located local and foreign schools, including the Canadian International School, Japanese School, Taipei School, Korean International School, Le Van Tam Elementary School, etc.

The project is near to Chateau Villas, Phu My Hung City Centre’s International Financial and Commercial District and The Crescent, which has shops, supermarkets amusement places and other amenities.

Besides, there are also many office buildings here housing domestic and foreign companies.

Happy Residence Premier will be surrounded by parks several hectares in size meaning it will take just a few minutes for residents to go there for their morning exercise or enjoy fresh air after a hard day’s work.

This newly launched project has once again proved the capacity of Phu My Hung Development Corporation to make plans in such a seamless way that all new projects can take advantage of earlier projects.

In the case of Happy Residence Premier, people living here can enjoy the amenities available not only in the project but also all over the Southside District of Phu My Hung City Centre where the project (Happy Residence Premier) is coming up.

As for its own amenities, Happy Residence Premier is the first housing project in Viet Nam to have a translucent swimming pool.

Architects said they carefully examined the location at various times of the day to check the sun and wind directions to find the optimal solutions for the pool.

The pool will be built on the third floor, which will be a podium linking the project’s two towers.

According to the developer, the swimming pool will be the heart of the project as a space that families and friends can enjoy together.

Also on the third floor will be many other amenities like a gym and kids’ playing area.

Lily Le, an architect at Vertical Company, said: “It’s not that we just design the amenities; we start like we said from the site, studying the orientation, working with SPCC, the architects, working with Phu My Hung. All the disciplines together are what gives strength to this project.

“The amenities are a very important part of this project. With the pool, we can create a continuous and seamless functional space for families to enjoy. So when you come into the place you have the kids’ area, which is open and covered so they can play when it rains.

“You have this angled pool that is very interesting with the transparent glass. And then you have the BBQ. Behind it you have the gym. So, the whole combination of these functions really offers value to residents.

“One of the things that we did was unique was to shift the pool and create transparent glass. So when we shifted the pool, we used that kind of triangular language, and we brought that into patterns on the ceilings for the gym, the kids’ area, the BBQ. So, the interior design and the landscape have a very playful atmosphere.”

Happy Residence Premier will be different from other projects in that the amenities will be designed with indoor and outdoor areas.

Thanks to this, residents of all ages can have fun at one place at the same time.

Olivia Wang, another architect from Vertical Company, said: “The other special thing is this project is not indoor or outdoor; it’s actually semi-outdoor space.”

Happy Residence Premier’s residents will own this panoramic view

Happy Residence Premier has two towers each with 15 floors and 192 condos and 17 two-story shops.
The project will be sold in August.

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