First Japanese apartment in Phu My Hung successfully launched

Saturday, Feb 25, 2017 17:00

Giant housing developer Phu My Hung Development Corporation on Saturday successfully organised the first sale of apartments at its new complex, Phu My Hung Midtown.

The corporation said it was its first sale in the Year of the Rooster, 2017, involved The Grande Building, the first tower in Phu My Hung Midtown. Within 3 hours, 98 per cent of the condos were sold

Despite the traditional belief among Vietnamese that the first month of the lunar year is a time to relax and enjoy life and not buy something big or valuable, many people came to the event.

At 7 o’clock, the lobby of the Adora Convention Centre, where the sale took place, was filled with customers.

Phu My Hung said more than 800 customers had been invited.

They were chosen from 1,539 who had registered to buy condos in Phu My Hung Midtown.

Then, as stipulated by the law, the developer drew lots since the number of prospective customers was much higher than the number of condos to be sold. This method had been successfully used before by Phu My Hung and received lots of good feedback from customers.

Each guest has to put in their invitation in a box at the entrance. Of the guests in then invited to the stage to carry out the lucky draw. The names that are drawn from the box are immediately announced.

Each customer has the right to buy one condo.

The guests were very happy with the draw of lots.

A woman from District 7 said: “Though there isn’t a great chance to buy a condo because only 1/4 are to be chosen, I am still very happy. I feel this is very good method and offers an equal chance to everyone.”

After the lucky customers were announced, they were asked to make their choice of condos.

The units sold ranged from 69sq.m to 249 sq.m, 62 per cent of them with two bedrooms and the rest with three.

Many foreigners had come to the event. According to Phu My Hung’s estimation, 30 per cent of them were foreigners, including many customers from Japan, China, South Korea, and Dubai… Many won the right to buy.

Many sold

In three hours 98 per cent of the condos were sold, a good sign for a new year.

Kazuya Sawamoto, general manager of Daiwa House Industry Company Ltd, said customers buying housing often look for facilities like schools, hospitals and services, and all are available there.

He is right since Phu My Hung Midtown project is developed in the Southside District of Phu My Hung City Centre, very near Viet – France Hospital, Tâm Đức Hospital, Canada International School and several other international schools for children from various countries.

Notably, this is the first project that Phu My Hung Development Corporation has developed jointly with others, in this case three Japanese companies.

For the first time in Viet Nam, the concept of “self-contained” housing has been developed, enabling residents to enjoy all facilities within their building (The Grande), within the project (Phu My Hung Midtown) and within Phu My Hung City Centre.

Residents can enjoy everything needed for daily life or even a holiday.

Customers like the project not only for its facilities and services but also the landscape.

A sakura park where developers will plant sakura trees on a road of 600m length will be developed next to the project. Together with the river which runs along the project, the park will create an amazing landscape.

The facilities and landscapes will be upgraded further when Phu My Hung Development Corporation builds more schools and expands Crescent Mall. Moreover, the company is planning to improve the green cover in the Southside District where Phu My Hung Midtown is being developed.

Units in the Grande building will be handed over to buyers in the second quarter of 2019. The project is guaranteed by South Saigon Vietcombank and Vietnam International Bank (VIB).

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