Vietnamese pipes, tubes neither dumped nor subsidised, says Australian body

Tuesday, Jun 08, 2021 15:54

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There is no evidence Viet Nam has exported dumped or subsidised precision pipes and tubes in Australia, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Trade Remedies Authority of Viet Nam (TRAV).

There appear to be insufficient grounds for the publication of a dumping duty notice and a countervailing duty notice in respect of precision pipes and tubes exported from Viet Nam, TRAV quoted the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) as saying in its newly-released Preliminary Affirmative Determination, following a probe into the products from Viet Nam, Taiwan (China), China, and the Republic of Korea.

The ADC found no evidence of significantly different prices for raw materials in Viet Nam compared to other Asian countries nor official Government plans to control or otherwise influence Viet Nam’s steel industry.

The ADC said it was also unaware of any intervention by the Vietnamese Government affecting the normal value of the product.

There exists no evidence of a continuing impact from steel master plans developed by the Vietnamese Government as these plans have been invalid since 2019, according to the findings.

Recommendations will be sent by the ADC to Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology for final determination.

According to statistics compiled by the General Department of Viet Nam Customs, the export turnover of Vietnamese precision steel pipes to Australia in 2019 topped US$15 million.

Review of imported galvanised steel measures

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has announced an end-of-term review of anti-dumping measures on galvanised steel products imported from China and the Republic of Korea.

The ministry issued a decision in 2017 on the application of official anti-dumping measures for the products over five years from April 14, 2017, to April 13 next year.

According to the Law on Foreign Trade Management and Decree 10/2018/ND-CP, for the end-of-term review, the investigation authority will assess the possibility of imported goods being dumped and the possibility the domestic industry will suffer material injury or be threatened if anti-dumping measures are removed.

It will also consider the causal relationship between the possibility of dumping and damage suffered by the domestic industry, as well as the necessity, rationality and socio-economic impacts of the continued use of anti-dumping measures.

The MoIT also stated the review will serve as a basis for the investigation authority to collect information and evaluate domestic producers' production and business activities, balance supply and demand, and monitor price movements of galvanised steel products in Viet Nam, especially as the steel market is experiencing strong fluctuations.

It can make recommendations on whether to continue applying anti-dumping measures or adjust the level of application in accordance with the law and based on the information and practical data collected. — VNS

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