VinaCapital funds outperform VN-Index in Q1

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2022 17:29

Open-ended funds from VinaCapital Fund Management Joint Stock Company report outstanding returns in Q1 this year. — Photo courtesy of VinaCapital

Open-ended funds from VinaCapital Fund Management Joint Stock Company finished the first quarter of 2022 by far outperforming the benchmark stock indexes and maintaining their leading positions.

They include the Vietnam Equity Special Access Fund (VESAF), VinaWealth Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF), VinaCapital Insights Balanced Fund (VIBF), and VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF).

VEOF and VESAF, the top performing equity funds of 2021, returned 8.6 per cent and 8,1 per cent returns in Q1 despite the volatility of the stock markets.

The VN-Index declined by 0.4 per cent during the quarter.

VinaCapital’s bond fund, VFF, and balanced fund, VIBF, also remained best in class with returns of 2.1 per cent and 5 per cent.

The total assets under management by the four funds were worth more than VND 3.39 trillion (US$147.8 million).

VESAF mainly invests in the listed stocks of companies with high growth potential and competitive advantages from distinct market segmenting and business strategies. Its average annualised return since inception in April 2017 is 23.4 per cent.

VEOF invests in stocks with large and medium market capitalization sizes, distinct competitive advantages, and strong growth potential. Its average annualised return since inception in 2014 is 14.5 per cent.

VIBF is a balanced open-ended fund which invests in quality bonds and listed stocks of companies with strong fundamentals and sustainable profitability. Its average return has been 18.6 per cent a year since inception in July 2019.

VFF invests in fixed income instruments like bonds, certificates of deposits and bank deposits. Its return since 2013 has been 7.7 per cent.

Nguyen Hoai Thu, head of investment - public equities and fixed income at VinaCapital, said: "Despite the high degree of market volatility, the outperformance of our actively managed OEFs continued to demonstrate the merits of our investment strategy.

“Given the uncertainty expected in the near-term, we are pleased that we enter Q2 from a position of strength.” — VNS

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