Nam Ngu fish sauce the highlight of Vietnamese New Year Festival in HCM City

Monday, Jan 13, 2020 16:00

A booth displaying new glass bottles of Nam Ngu fish sauce made of fresh anchovies stood out at the Vietnamese New Year Festival organised by Masan Consumer in HCM City from January 3 to 5, which attracted thousands of visitors.

At the three-day event in District 1 it was demonstrated how Nam Ngu fish sauce is made from fresh anchovies while typical Tet dishes from all three regions were also showcased.

Right on the first day there was a large number of visitors at the Nam Ngu booth.

Many visitors came on the first day

The booth, beautifully decorated with Tet (Lunar New Year) themes from all three parts of the country, attracted thousands of visitors who enjoyed dishes incorporating various Tet flavours such as bun cha from the north, banh bot loc from the centre and banh xeo from the south.

All were served either marinated in Nam Ngu fish cause or with it as a dipping sauce.

New glass bottles of Nam Ngu fish sauce made from fresh anchovies on display at the event

Visitors were excited to take photos with friends and family amid the beautiful Tet settings and decorations like bamboo tables and chairs, ceramic bowls and plates and flower pots with apricot and peach plants.

Visitors are excited to take photos at the Nam Ngu fish sauce booth

Visitors who checked in at the Nam Ngu booth on social media were offered many Tet dishes for free.

Dishes representing the three regions were made at the Nam Ngu booth

A model of the Phu Quoc fish sauce plant was set up at the event to demonstrate clearly how it is made. To make the fish sauce, the two main ingredients, fresh anchovies and refined salt, are mixed in a ratio of three anchovies to portion of one salt and fermented for a certain period of time.

A visitor poses for a photo at the Nam Ngu booth

A number of tasty dishes were available for visitors to try at the Vietnamese New Year Festival. Visitors could also buy meaningful and healthy Tet gifts for their near and dear ones.

A shelf displays new glass bottles of Nam Ngu fish sauce made of fresh anchovies, meaningful Tet gifts for ones near and dear

Held at Le Van Tam Park, the Vietnamese New Year Festival attracted an estimated 60,000 visitors.

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