HCM City gold shops brace for God of Wealth Day rush

Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 14:54

Customers buy gold at a PNJ jewellery store in HCM City’s Gò Vấp District on Sunday morning. — VNS Photo

Every year on the 10th day of the first lunar month, the God of Wealth Day, which falls on Monday (February 19) this year, people rush to buy gold.

Many believe buying a piece of gold on this day brings good fortune and prosperity to their business and families throughout the year.

To meet the expected surge in demand, jewellery companies have stocked up on SJC gold bars, plain rings, gold coins, jewellery, and gold pieces decorated with the image of the God of Wealth and dragon, the zodiac animal of this lunar year.

Many have also launched a selection of dragon figurines made from 24k gold.

Phú Nhuận Jewelry Joint Stock Company has, for instance, launched a fortune gold collection named Long Đáo Kim Niên made of 24k gold, including a six-piece set decorated with the God of Wealth, and dragon images and inscribed with words carrying best wishes in terms of finance, fame, career, health and safety and peace.

PNJ also has a special set of eight fortune gold pieces that implies wishes for a year filled with success and prosperity.

PNJ is selling a limited number of 24K gold figurines of the dragon. – Photo courtesy of PNJ

In addition, it has dragon figurines made of 24k gold, gold coins, and some unique jewels made from 14k, 18k and 24k gold at various price ranges.

SJC has a lucky gold series, including figurines of Guanyin and the God of Wealth made of 24k gold in 1 tael (37 grammes) and a mace 24k bullion inscribed with images of dragon, the God of Wealth or Maitreya. A mace is equal to one tenth of a tael.

Others like Sacombank Jewelry Company, Bảo Tín Minh Châu Jelwery JSC and DOJI, and large gold shops too have stocked a wide range of products.

They are also offering incentives and gifts for customers who buy gold before and on the God of Wealth Day.

PNJ, for instance, is offering lucky prizes to customers until February 20, including 2,024 pieces of gold.

A jewellery store in Bình Thạnh District is packed with customers on Saturday morning. — VNS Photo

Việt Nam News noticed that shops in HCM City were packed with customers on Saturday and Sunday.

Phương Mai, 34, of Bình Thạnh District, and her sister said they visited a local jewellery shop on Saturday morning and bought a bracelet and one-mace golden piece inscribed with a dragon.

Mai said: "We buy gold on the God of Wealth Day every year for luck and prosperity. This year we decided to go to the shop two days earlier to avoid crowds."

She also hoped to get better prices by buying earlier since they increased significantly on the festival day.

Jewellery companies are also selling online, and customers who place orders before the God of Wealth Day can get delivery at home or at the store at a designated time.

Today gold and jewellery shops will open earlier and close later than usual to meet the rush. — VNS

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