Government raises US$2.52 billion from G-bonds

Thursday, May 24, 2018 17:19

The State Treasury on Wednesday raised over VND1.6 trillion through G-bond auction. — Photo VNA

The State Treasury of Vietnam has so far this year raised over VND57.6 trillion (US$2.52 billion) through G-bond auctions in the Hanoi Stock Exchange.

In the latest auction held on Wednesday, the Treasury successfully mobilised more than VND1.6 trillion from an offer of VND6 trillion.

Of the total, VND215 billion was raised from five-year bonds with an annual interest of 3 per cent, the same rate offered in the previous auction held May 16.

Bonds with a 10-year term raised VND700 billion at an annual interest of 4.26 per cent, up 0.03 percentage points from the previous auction, while 15-year bonds attracted VND700 billion with an annual interest of 4.6 per cent, marking a 0.02 percentage point increase.

There were no transactions involving 20-year bonds.

The State Treasury plans to issue G-bonds worth VND200 trillion this year, with the focus being on long-term maturity and keeping interest rates low.

Of which, G-bonds with a term of below 5 years will be auctioned at VND20 trillion each, while 5-year bonds and 7-year bonds will have a value of VND30 trillion and VND36 trillion.

The value for 10-year bonds will be VND37 trillion, while 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year bonds will be offered at VND32 trillion, VND20 trillion, and VND25 trillion, respectively.

The National Financial Supervisory Commission predicted modest changes for the G-bond market in 2018, thanks to the economy growing over 6.7 per cent and inflation staying below 4 per cent.

Reports from the Ministry of Finance showed that G-bonds worth VND159.9 trillion with an average maturity of 13.52 years, up 4.81 years against 2016, were issued in 2017. The bonds had an average annual interest rate of some 6.07 per cent, down 0.2 percentage points from 2016. — VNS

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