Eight bidders win the 6th gold auction

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 14:21

People queue to conduct gold transactions at a store in Hà Nội. — VNA/VNS Photo

In a latest update from the central bank, eight participants won the gold auction this morning, securing a total bidding volume of 8,100 taels of SJC gold bars, or 81 lots, out of the total 16,800 taels made available for bidding by the regulatory authority.

This marks the highest volume of gold bullion won at the past three successful auction sessions. The combined bidding volume from the two previous sessions was 6,800 taels of SJC gold bars, equivalent to 3,400 taels per session.

In the previous announcement, the SBV set the reference price for calculating the deposit value at VNĐ88 million per tael (US$3,457). However, just before the auction, the authority decided to reduce the reference price to VNĐ87.7 million per tael.

The highest successful bidding price was VNĐ87.73 million per tael, while the lowest price was VNĐ87.72 million per tael.

At 1pm, SJC gold prices are listed at VNĐ86 million per tael for sellers and VNĐ89 million per tael for buyers.

In the international market, spot gold price is traded at $2,336.4 per ounce. (One ounce is equivalent to 0.83 tael.)

As a result, the domestic price is nearly VNĐ17 million higher than the global price. — VNS

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