Business leaders rush to sell off in the last trading days of 2021

Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021 08:16

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In the last trading days of the year, the country's stock market has seen a flurry of activity, with many companies witnessing profit-taking activities from their leaders and families.

Last week, one of the most exciting internal trading activities was the sell off of Fecon Corporation (FCN). On the stock market, FCN's share price rose 2.2 times since the end of September, closing last week at VND29,500 a share (US$1.29), the highest level since it went public. The company’s leaders took advantage of the gains to take profit.

Accordingly, Tran Trong Thang, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fecon, registered to sell 200,000 shares through order matching or negotiation, with the transaction period from December 29 to January 27.

At the current price, Thang is likely to earn VND5.9 billion from the deal. Previously, Thang registered to buy 500,000 FCN shares from November 24 to December 23, but did not do so as the market price did not meet expectations.

During the same period, Phung Tien Trung, a member of the Board of Directors of Fecon, also registered to sell 100,000 shares. He is expected to collect nearly VND3 billion from the sale.

Similarly, Nguyen Thi Nghien, Chief Financial Officer of Facon, registered to sell all of 10,151 FCN shares. On December 22, Nguyen Song Thanh, a member of the Board of Directors of Facon, also sold 30,000 shares of FCN through order matching.

The company shares continued to rise on Monday, up 1.87 per cent to VND29,950 a share.

At the Electronics Communications Technology Investment Development Corporation (ELC), Nguyen Thi Minh Hanh, the wife of Nguyen Manh Hai - a member of the Board of Directors of ELC, completed the sale of 5,500 ELC shares on December 24.

After reaching the peak, the company shares are currently moving sideways at around VND27,800 a share. It is estimated that at this price, Hanh has earned about VND153 million.

Meanwhile, Bui Thi Kim Oanh, a member of the Board of Director of Thien Viet Securities JSC (TVS), has just registered to sell 150,000 shares, reducing her ownership rate from 1.25 per cent to 1.1 per cent. The trading time is from December 28 to January 26, 2022, through order matching or agreement.

On the stock market, TVS shares hit the ceiling price for five consecutive sessions. Therefore, within a month, TVS market price doubled, from VND31,000 to VND67,000, the highest in its history. At the price of VND67,000 a share, Oanh may earn about VND10 billion.

At Tu Liem Urban Development JSC (NTL), Nguyen Hong Khiem, a member of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Director, has registered to sell all 1.03 million NTL shares from December 20 to January 18, 2022. It is estimated that at the current price of VND41,950 a share, Khiem can earn VND43 billion.

Le Minh Tuan, a member of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Director of Tu Liem, also registered to sell 1 million shares, reducing his ownership rate to 4.18 per cent from 5 per cent. Tuan is estimated to earn about VND41.9 billion.

Lien Viet Post Bank (LPB) also witnessed a strong sell-off from its leaders’ families. Of which, Tong Thi Kieu Hoa, the sister-in-law of Nguyen Duc Thuy, Vice President of Lien Viet Post Bank, completed the sale of all 28,300 shares, reducing her ownership rate to 0 per cent.

The transaction was completed on December 21. Hoa is estimated to collect more than VND500 million after the deal. Nguyen Xuan Thuy, Thuy’s brother, also registered to sell 1.8 million LPB shares, but did not complete the sale.

At Yeah1 Group Corporation (YEG), General Director Dao Phuc Tri has just registered to sell 1.15 million shares from December 27 to December 29. The move took place when the market price of YEG shares continuously hit the biggest daily gain in recent sessions.

However, right after the news of the sale was released, YEG shares plunged to the biggest daily loss of 7 per cent in the last session of the week, closing the market price at VND22,150 a share.

At the price of VND22,150, the deal is estimated to be worth about VND22.48 billion. If the deal is successful, the leader’s shares reduce to 344,296, equivalent to an ownership rate of 1.1 per cent. The transactions are expected to be completed in the period from December 27 to December 29 according to the agreement method.

Meanwhile, buying activities are relatively quiet.

Statistics from FiinGroup showed that companies' shareholders, related organisations, leaders and their families sold a net value of VND15.5 trillion in the past 11 months and were most active in the last months of the year. It is estimated that in December, this group continued to net sell VND1 trillion. VNS

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