Häfele introduces smart control system to Vietnam hotels 

The new system by the world-renowned brand of smart home and project solutions helps investors and operators manage hotels with greater efficiency while offering guests more comfort.

Better management

Häfele’s smart system allows hotels to remotely control electronics in guests' rooms, helping save energy

Hotel management is never easy, be it a big or small property. The larger a hotel is, the more difficult it is to keep everything in order, let alone with efficiency.

However, hotels now can meet that challenge with ease thanks to a smart control system launched by Häfele Vietnam at the international 2019 Food & Hotel exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City last month. The web-based system allows managers to keep track of when their staff enter a certain room and which rooms are ready for check-in, and serves as a platform to receive and meet guests' requests for room services or other benefits.

Remarkably, since managers and staff can remotely control electronics in a guest room, they can control their energy consumption. In fact, unofficial statistics showed that rooms account for around 31 per cent of a five-star hotel’s total energy consumption.

Via the system, hotels can also set scenarios to improve guests’ experience such as welcoming music automatically played upon check-in and romantic lighting and music for couples.

Easy to access from anywhere, anytime via the web-based platform, the system is also easy to expand and is integrated with an existing management system PMS. Since it is operated via a local area network (LAN), the system is also highly secure.

What’s more, all the added benefits come with no increase in human costs.


More comfort

From touch control panels next to their bed, guests can easily control electronics and even curtains in their room and request room services

Not only does it help improve management efficiency, Häfele’s smart system also improves guests’ experience during their stay. With just a touch on a control panel, guests can adjust lights, temperature, open and close curtains and even turn on and off music. All the settings will be saved in the system, so guests do not have to redo it every time they enter the room.

Furthermore, any request for services such as laundry and cleaning can be sent directly and quickly to receptionists without a phone call.

The system can offer guests both comfort and class at the same time. And, given the popularity of online hotel booking platforms where people rely on community reviews to choose accommodation for their next trip, a positive review is something that no hotel should afford to lose.


360o hotel solution from Häfele

Movable walls are one of Häfele’s most popular solutions for hotels

Aside from the smart control system, Häfele, which was founded in Germany in 1923 and came to Vietnam in 1998, is also known for innovative and comprehensive hotel solutions, including wood doors, movable walls, electronic access control system, wardrobes and bathroom products.

With their combination of hi-end technologies, German engineering quality and European-style design, Häfele’s products have been applied at many famous hotels around the world, such as Austria’s Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming, Germany’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Switzerland’s Hotel Schweizerhof, Santuary Ho Tram, Vinpearl Condotel Nha Trang and Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc.

Website: www.hafele.com.vn