VISSAN opens new convenience food shop in HCM City

Monday, Jul 08, 2019 18:56

Customers shop at the Cong Doan VISSAN convenience food store on No Trang Long Street in HCM Citys Binh Thanh District onopening day on July 5. — VNS Photo

VISSAN Joint Stock Company on July 5 opened a food convenience store at 420 No Trang Long Street in HCM Citys Binh Thanh District.

The store sells many kinds of essential products, fresh and processed foods, including crispy pork-skin snacks, combo happy meals, VISSAN pork-flavour seasoning powder, lean pork paste, traditional sausage, and pork and beef sausage, among others.

All of the products are of ahigh quality and meet hygiene and food safety standards.

The new store is expected to meet the shopping demand of the more than4,000 company employees as well as local residents.

To mark the opening, the store is offering a promotion, including gifts of a 280g can of chicken kari to customers with bills of VND100,000, and discounts of 5-20 per cent on processed food, and 10 per cent on fresh pork meat.

Information about the promotions is available on — VNS


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