Viet Nam remains key market of Zoho

Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022 16:18

The Zoho One’s integrated software ecosystem. Zoho One reached growth of 6 per cent in the Vietnamese market. — Photo Courtesy of Zoho Corporation

Viet Nam is considered an important market for technology firm Zoho Corporation because of the potential for existing technology here, affirmed Zoho.

Gibu Mathew, vice president and general manager at Zoho APAC, affirmed that Zoho will increase its investment in the Vietnamese market’s technology sector in the upcoming years.

Zoho also announced that in Viet Nam volume of users using its platform, Zoho One, reached growth of 6 per cent over six years ago.

Launched in 2017, Zoho One is an operating system for business. The platform is comprised of 45 unified applications along with end-to-end services including AI, business intelligence, contextual communication, and unified search, allowing businesses to run every aspect of their organisation from sales and marketing to finance, HR and analytics.

"Siloed systems cause business silos," said Gibu Mathew. "An integrated organisation, therefore, is typically a reflection of integrated systems underneath. This is what we see with our own customers. Nearly half of Zoho One customers use 20 or more apps across functions, integrating their organisation and reporting higher returns. With Zoho One, we set the tone for the rest of the industry on what a platform, or rather an operating system for business, could be. We will continue to lead the way."

Over the last five years, Zoho One has added 10 new apps and countless services in dialogue with businesses to meet their evolving needs, while acutely reducing customers' total cost of ownership in adopting and maintaining the platform.

Zoho Corporation announced that Zoho One had achieved a new milestone, supporting 50,000 organisations across more than 160 countries.

Over the past two years alone, the corporation said, the platform has grown 150 per cent, with 37.5 per cent of new Zoho One customers coming from mid-market and enterprise businesses. Licence upgrades by customers who adopted Zoho One five years ago have increased by 92 per cent, contributing to this milestone growth.

Zoho One is built entirely in-house, on a single technology stack, resulting in a truly unified, end-to-end platform with hundreds of integration points across its applications.

Zoho One's upmarket growth is made possible by the platform's capacity to tightly integrate with third-party solutions without causing data and operational silos or impacting the efficiency of a business's existing system. — VNS

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