US-based health clinic to make debut in Ha Noi next year

Friday, Dec 20, 2019 16:24

CEO of Anti-Fragility Health Clinic (AFHC) Charles Harry Sine (second standing) delivered his speech at the press conference on Friday in Ha Noi. — Photo courtesy of organisers

The Anti-Fragility Health Clinic, a US-based health clinic that focuses on preventive care, will expand to Ha Noi next year following its first site in HCM City, attendees were told at a press conference in the capital city on Friday.

According to the company, it plans to work with multiple local partners to develop a medical ecosystem supporting patients in the journey to a healthy life, and in the long run, reducing the burden of chronic illness in Viet Nam. The company’s current partners include Ha Noi-based New Horizon Centre.

“In many cases, our patients have little knowledge on the impact of lifestyle on health. More often than that, they only go to hospitals or doctors when they’re already sick. And when the cause of the illness is not thoroughly looked at, it’s not easy to tackle the sickness the right way,” CEO of Anti-Fragility Health Clinic (AFHC) Charles Harry Sine said.

“At AFHC, we look at the root of causes of the problem which could be a list of unhealthy habits and behaviours, from poor diet, dehydration, lack of exercise to stress-related issues,” he said.

He added that AFHC provides a personalised lifestyle design and that will generate positive impacts on their health, to eventually prevent, manage and reverse the threat of chronic illness.

“Conventional medicine supply does not work for chronic illness. Our body has the capacity to heal itself when we supply it with enough nutrients,” he said.

Yesterday, AFHC also held a seminar discussing how to survive the impending crisis of chronic illness in the city in order to provide a clearer view of chronic illness in Viet Nam and introduce the new-generation medical approach to prevent, manage and reverse chronic illness.

The same seminar will be also organised in the northern province of Bac Ninh on Saturday. — VNS

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