Unilever Vietnam launches “Clean Future” campaign

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2022 08:10

Unilever Vietnam has launched the "Clean Future" campaign from its Home Care category to give consumers high-performing and better-for-health products and contribute to tackling climate change. — Photo Unilever Vietnam

In response to World Environment Day, Unilever Vietnam launched the "Clean Future" campaign in its Home Care category on June 14.

With the theme "Clean Home – Clean Future," the campaign aims to give consumers high-performing and better-for-health products and contribute to tackling climate change through two specific solutions: better product formulation and sustainable product packaging.

The campaign has main commitments: eliminating 100 per cent of fossil fuel derived carbon from Home Care products by 2030; 100 per cent biodegradable formulation in Home Care products; and reducing the amount of virgin plastic and utilising post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) in packaging.

To realise these goals, the Home Care category will deploy two key action pillars: Firstly, researching and developing better product formulation by developing product formulation with water efficiency and biodegradability and utilising 100 per cent renewable or circular feedstocks.

Secondly, promoting sustainable packaging, including driving product packaging's recyclability; using PCR plastic for packaging; encouraging consumers to reuse packaging and refill products; coordinating to drive product packaging segregation-at-source and collection to promote the recycling of plastic packaging.

"Climate action is one of the key sustainable development activities that Unilever Vietnam devotes great efforts to through specific goals. We are working to control greenhouse gas emissions within our operations, our value chain and our brands," said Do Thai Vuong, Vice President of Sustainable Business and Communications, Unilever Vietnam.

"The' Clean Future' campaign from the Home Care category is a concrete action that demonstrates our brands' firm commitment on the journey to accompany Viet Nam to achieve net-zero carbon emissions commitment by 2050 at COP26."

"Clean Future" is how Unilever is reinventing age-old chemistry in product formulation to give billions of people worldwide and Viet Nam high-performing, affordable cleaning and hygiene products that are kind to them and the planet.

Unilever Vietnam believes consumers deserve the best products to take care of their families and enjoy doing their housework effectively while being inspired to join hands in building a cleaner and safer planet for future generations. — VNS

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