Supermarket takes measures to ensure safety of customers, staff amid Covid-19 threat

Monday, Mar 16, 2020 10:32

A customer provides with a hand sanitiser before entering the shopping area at a Co.op Food in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of Saigon Co.op

Saigon Co.op, the owner of Co.opmart, Co.opXtra and Co.op Food, will continue with measures to safeguard the health of customers and staff at its more than 800 outlets amid the Covid-19 epidemic.

At all stores, employees have to have their temperature checked before and after work, while customers also have their temperature checked and provided with a hand sanitiser before entering the shopping area.

Saigon Co.op has seen orders by phone increase, including by 10 times the normal number in some places.

It regularly carries out measures to ensure hygiene and disinfection at all its stores, including cleaning all areas, floors, door handles, trolleys, and surfaces of products with disinfectants, disinfecting the entire store with Cloramine B liquid, placing hand sanitisers with 70 per cent alcohol at entrances, toilets, customer service counters, cash counters, and other places.

A spokesperson for Saigon Co.op said the retailer is a member of the city’s steering committee for Covid-19 prevention and control, and is entrusted with supplying food and other essential supplies to quarantine areas in the city.

So it has made careful plans to work with suppliers to increase supply, deliver goods to quarantine areas and ensure the safety of its employees.

Co.opmart Cu Chi is providing food to the Cu Chi field hospital at lower than market prices.

Saigon Co.op has gifted 100,000 surgical masks to the healthcare sector and 170,000 anti-bacterial cloth masks to grade 12 students in the city. — VNS

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