Phenikaa School to inspire young students to reach greater heights

Saturday, Apr 16, 2022 17:39

Phenikaa School students in an Art class. — Photo courtesy of Phenikaa Group

Phenikaa School K-12 (Phenikaa School) with an inspiring, happy and creative educational environment hopes to provide comprehensive development for the younger generation.

Phenikaa School educates students from grades 1-12 and offers comprehensive training in knowledge, skills and physical fitness in a creative, experimental and individual-centric environment.

The school adopts the American education models – CALLA and STEM – to help students regularly learn and practise English and specialised knowledge. Additionally, the students are facilitated and encouraged to study and broaden their understanding.

Students are able to practise their thinking and processing skills through practices, experiments and real-life problem-solving in interdisciplinary projects. So, they can master their knowledge and bring it into practice.

Phenikaa School teachers are highly-skilled, enthusiastic and inspirational. The teachers are mentors and friends, guiding students through training and sensitive and hard times.

One of the largest and most modern schools in the west of Ha Noi

Covering nearly 30,000m2, Phenikaa School is one of the largest schools in the west of Ha Noi. Phenikaa School is built with classrooms, a library, laboratories, functional rooms, and internationally-standardised physical training areas.

The highlight of the school is the Makerspace – the creative area for students that spans a 900m2 area. The area is equipped with a full range of modern technologies and equipment such as 3D printers, laser engraving machines, robotics and IoT workshops, carpentry workshops, astronomy workshops, AR and VR.

The facilities will propel students to learn and unleash their full creativity through activities like interdisciplinary or individual projects, practices, experiments, and inventions. Moreover, they can be given access to knowledge and keep pace with Industry 4.0 and new global trends.

In the enrollment season of 2022, Phenikaa School introduces a wide range of attractive scholarships worth up to VND3 billion (US$131,000) for students in academics and other fields such as art, sport and rhetoric.

An area outside Phenikaa School.—Photo courtesy of Phenikaa Group

An inter-level educational environment for maximum individual development

With the introduction of the Phenikaa School, Phenikaa Group continues to affirm the philosophy and culture of "Conscious Business" – contributing to the sustainable development of society through the development of high-skilled, highly-knowledgeable, and highly-adaptable young people.

Upon graduation, Phenikaa School students can choose to apply to Phenikaa University or study abroad. They can participate in research, production, and business activities at more than 30 member units of Phenikaa Group.

The outstanding advantage of the Phenikaa Ecosystem is to train and develop a generation of talented, creative, and confident young Vietnamese to explore and realise their full potential. — VNS

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