Mobile World Group opens first BigPhone+ in Cambodia

Monday, Dec 30, 2019 16:33

Inside the newly opened BigPhone+ store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. MWG plans to open a total of 20 BigPhone+ stores in Cambodia in the near future. — Photo
Mobile World Group (MWG) officially launched its first ‘BigPhone+’ store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Monday, with a similar look to its stores in Viet Nam.

Each BigPhone+ store has an area of about 350sq.m, equivalent to the size of a Dien May Xanh – the electronic retail chain currently run by MWG in Viet Nam. BigPhone+ offers mobile phones, electronics and household appliances.

MWG, one of the largest mobile phone and electronics distribution chains in Viet Nam, plans to open a total of 20 BigPhone+ stores in Cambodia in the near future. With this figure, BigPhone+ will have the largest market share in the country in terms of number of stores, Doan Van Hieu Em, CEO of MWG told

Em said Cambodia currently has about 400 to 500 small and scattered electronic stores and a few large chains run by different owners in the market. The largest electronics chain in Cambodia has 16 stores.

The Cambodian mobile phones and electronics market is currently like the Vietnamese market 15 years ago. At present, business advantages belong to traditional stores, which sell tax-free items, Em said.

MWG opened its first electronic store in Cambodia in 2017, named BigPhone. This was MWG’s first store outside Viet Nam.

MWG plans to increase the number of BigPhone stores by 30, bringing a total throughout Cambodia to nearly 50 stores.

The debut hopes to tap into the fast development of technology and huge potential of Cambodia, which is a potential market with 16 million people, 96 per cent of whom are using mobile phones. — VNS


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