Kilala officially announces its first brand ambassador in Việt Nam

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 09:00

Kilala has officially announced Linh Ka as its first brand ambassador. — Photo courtesy of Kilala

Kilala, one of the top brands of coloured contact lenses in Việt Nam, has officially announced Linh Ka as its first brand ambassador, signalling its dedication to bring the best to customers in this most important market.

In this cooperation, Kilala saw the brilliance and spirit of Linh Ka, in every piece of her work, she explores new ideas, pushing her own limits time and again, focusing on doing what she loves, just like Kilala. Over the past 13 years, the company has shown the same kind of dedication to its products, constantly innovating and breaking the traditional looks, developing more safe and professional products and providing a better user experience.

Kilala's overseas director Bruce said: “As a global brand, Việt Nam has always been Kilala's core market. The co-operation between Kilala and Linh Ka marks the further localisation of the brand. Kilala is committed to understanding consumers, getting close to customers and listening to their voices. In the second half of this year, the brand will also join with Linh Ka to interact with consumers online and offline to experience more Kilala products.”

Kilala said their Tiktok channel will start to launch new models in June, while brand ambassadors will be committing to more both on line and offline activities and engaging with customers.

Kilala has emerged and become the leading online brand of coloured contact lenses after just a year of launching in the market.

Founded in 2011, Kilala fuses cutting-edge contact lens technology with the most experimental trend in creative makeup. Beauty lovers can redefine their daily routine – with a primer allowing consumers to switch up their eye colour, which is the new first step. As a professional contact lens brand, Kilala has a wealth of coloured contact lenses and related products, with their rich product line for eyewear a key part of the most complete eye fashion ecosystem.

Kilala offers disposable lenses on a daily, monthly, six-monthly, or annual basis, with or without prescription, and in various diameters for a comfortable fit. It is the first colored contact lens brand to add hyaluronic acid, which enables the product lenses to maintain full moisture and deeply relieve eye fatigue. At the same time, the brand also researches medical-grade anti-blue light and anti-radiation technology. All these initiatives are aimed at providing users with a better product experience.

There is so much potential for Kilala in the coloured contact lens sector in Việt Nam and although it only came to the market in 2023, by early 2024, according to TikTok sales rankings, it was already the leading online brand of coloured contact lenses in Việt Nam. Kilala has done a lot of research and analysis on what Vietnamese customers want and it is working.

In terms of products, the Kilala brand has passed all the strict international safety certifications while Kilala has studied the preferences of consumers in the Vietnamese market and done a lot of work on product colours. Currently the Kilala brand has 179 differently coloured products on Shopee and the line will be growing.

Kilala has invested heavily in brand activities on social media to attract fans and to get them to participate in the brand's work. At the same time, many Tiktok KOLs are also recommending Kilala's products, making Kilala even more popular. — VNS

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