J&T Express delivery company launches Zalo notification service

Saturday, Oct 29, 2022 10:48

J&T Express launches the Zalo notification service to deliver a safe experience to customers. — Photo courtesy of teh company

J&T Express, an international express delivery company, has started to send notifications to customers on Zalo, the Vietnamese messaging service.

Through the Zalo Official Account group, it will send notifications to customers about the order status, imminent delivery and real time arrival so that customers can arrange their time to receive the goods.

The new service will help customers avoid the risk of fraud, especially during the year-end peak shopping season.

Depending on the delivery result, Zalo will also send a confirmation message of successful or failed delivery and the reason to the buyer.

The company said it is also a channel to get feedback from customers about its service, shippers’ attitude and suggestions to improve quality.

Its use of technology in almost all stages this month netted it the 2022 Vietnam Digital Award for its smart e-logistics solution from the Vietnam Digital Communications Association. — VNS

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