HDBank, Unilever to offer more benefits to enerprises, business households

Saturday, Jul 23, 2022 18:49

Representatives of HDBank and Unilever Vietnam sign a strategic agreement to bring more benefits to enerprises and business households. — Photo courtesy of HDBank

HDBank and Unilever Vietnam have signed a strategic agreement that promises to bring huge benefits to customers and enterprises, help optimise their supply chain, scale up finance, and improve service quality.

The co-operation marks an important milestone between one of the leading banks in Viet Nam, which is strongly reaching out to the world, and Unilever Vietnam, a leading consumer goods company in Viet Nam and globally.

The agreement is based on sustainable development, and is expected to create long-term values for the economy, community and society.

The partnership between HDBank and Unilever Vietnam is in line with the globalisation trend, bringing outstanding benefits to enterprises, distributors and retailers.

HDBank will offer finance to distributors and retail points, and so, in addition to benefiting from Unilever’s strategies and incentives on goods, distributors and retailers will also be able to get banking and financial services from HDBank.

Customers can make cashless payments through HDBank's super app on smartphones and QR Pay technology. By using advanced security technologies and smart statement methods, HDBank will ease customers's financial management pressure, and minimise potentially risky cash transactions.

To mitigate cash flow problems faced by merchants, HDBank and Unilever Vietnam will offer them loans at preferential interest rates and without collateral. This would give merchants the confidence to stock goods to optimise capital costs or invest to expand their operations.

Pham Quoc Thanh, HDBank’s CEO, said the partnership is in line with the State Bank of Vietnam’s policy of promoting cashless payments, and would also support distributors and retail outlets, especially in remote areas where access to banking tools and technology is still limited, to better serve customers.

“By leveraging HDBank and Unilever Vietnam’s advantages in terms of geographical location, technology application and new customer approach, the partnership will help both sides to cover many different markets."

Truong Cong Vinh, vice president of customer development at the global consumer company, said: “Unilever Vietnam is always a pioneer in applying technology in business operations, helping make distributors and salespeople’s operations more efficient.

“The company has recently pioneered digital transformation for small businesses through the OrderUNow application, which enables small businesses to order online from Unilever's distributors with many outstanding benefits.

“At the same time, Unilever Vietnam and HDBank have cooperated to provide Unilever's customers with support solutions in terms of capital and online/cashless payment methods.

“We faced certain challenges in the early days of the programme, but with our firm commitment and close cooperation, we have achieved fruitful results. I believe this timely support will bring sustainable benefits to Unilever Vietnam, HDBank and especially hundreds of thousands of our customers.”

Besides having signed agreements to help local enterprises participate in the global supply chain, HDBank also undertakes numerous activities to support residents and businesses.

In 2022 HDBank continues to be the leading bank in providing green credit to businesses operating in renewable energy, hi- tech, agriculture, and rural development with many incentives.

In its 32 years of development, HDBank has always accompanied many meaningful programmes.

This stems partly from its philosophy of sustainable development and building HDBank into a ‘Happy Digital Bank’ that works for the happiness of every family.

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