Co.opmart offers discounts for Liberation Day, May Day

Friday, Apr 28, 2017 15:58

Customers shop at a Co.opmart supermarket in HCM City. Customers with Co.opmart loyal and VIP cards can accumulate an extra 20-30 bonus points in their cards on May 1 and 2. — VNS Photo

To meet demand during Liberation Day on April 30 and Labour Day on May 1, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra have stocked more goods than normal and are set to offer many attractive discounts.

The highlight of this promotion is the Super Incentives programme applicable this weekend under which many products, like dishwashing liquid, liquid detergents and shower gel will see their prices cut by up to VND100,000.

On Friday (April 28) the prices of a Co.opmart 40x60cm folding table will be cut from VND79,000 to VND49,000; two 40x60cm SGC cotton pillows from VND183,800 to VND99,800; 4litre bottles of Co.opmart plant flavour detergent from VND124,000 to VND79,900; and Co.opmart EL 28cm deep non-stick frying pans that can be used with induction cookers from VND199,000 to VND129,000.

Co.opmart and Co.op Xtra supermarkets nation-wide are offering steep discounts on the occasion of Liberation Day and May Day holidays, with some products set to be sold at a mere VND2,000. — VNS Photo

On Saturday (April 29) 500ml bottles of Chinsu salmon fish sauce will be sold at only VND2,000; packs of four 297ml Nutri strawberry milk bottles will also be priced at only VND2,000; and 2l bottles of Simply soya cooking oil will see their price reduced from VND91,700 to VND45,000.

On Sunday (April 30) a bottle of 3.5kg Lix dishwashing liquid will have its price cut from VND67,5000 to VND17,000; a 1.8kg pack of Omo detergent liquid will be discounted by VND42,000 to VND37,000; a bottle of 1.4kg Clear cool mint shampoo will be discounted by VND101,000 to VND170,000; a pack of 1.6 litre Ariel condensed detergent liquid will be discounted by VND49,000 to VND60,000.

To buy these products, shoppers need to meet certain bill conditions. Detailed information is available at the supermarkets.

In addition, from now to May 2, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra are offering discounts of up to 30 per cent on fresh food, including Omega 3 chicken eggs, Da Lat tomatoes, red apple, bitter melon, fish paste, pork and others.

Furthermore, customers having Co.opmart loyal and VIP cards will have a chance to accumulate an additional 20-30 bonus points in their cards on May 1 and 2. — VNS

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