Co.opmart, Co.opXtra supermarkets again slash prices

Friday, Nov 10, 2017 14:49

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra are offering many promotion programmes during the Month to Express Gratitude to Loyal Customers in November. — VNS Photo

As part of activities to express their gratitude to loyal customers, in November Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets are continuing with their “Super Incentives” promotion programme covering thousands of products from November 10 to 12, offering discounts of VND29,600 to VND1.18 million.

On Friday (November 10) the price of a 1.5l pack of Downy fabric softener will be reduced by VND46,000 to only VND53,000; a 3.8kg bottle of Sunlight Lemon dishwashing liquid will be discounted by VND45,000 to only VND50,000; and a 6kg pack of Lix Extra laundry detergent will be discounted by VND75,000 to VND85,000.

A 10-roll pack of Bless You high-quality toilet paper will have its price slashed by VND53,200 to only VND25,000, a 600ml bottle of Mostly FIK mosquito spray with lemon flavour will be discounted by VND55,500 to VND10,000 and a 4kg bottle of Sach dishwashing liquid will be discounted by VND49,900 to only VND20,000.

On Saturday (November 11) the promotion will focus on products such as Nuti Food sweetened pasteurised fresh milk, Happi Koki cooking oil and Fuze tea with chia seed dietary supplement.

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets are offering big discounts from Friday to Sunday this week (November 10-12) under their Super Incentive promotion programme. — VNS Photo

A pack of six bags of Nuti Food will be sold at only VND5,000 compared to its usual price of VND36,000, a 2l bottle of Happi Koki will be discounted by VND38,000 to VND20,000 and a pack of four Fuze bottles will cost only VND2,000 compared to the normal price of VND29,600.

On Sunday (November 12) a 5l bottle of Co.opmart soybean cooking oil will be discounted by VND63,000 to only VND144,900, a 9kg pack of Co.opmart detergent powder will be discounted by VND54,000 to VND149,900, a 4l bottle of Co.opmart detergent liquid will be discounted by VND40,000 to VND87,500, a 1.8x2m SGC cotton bed cover will be discounted by VND290,000 to VND309,000 and an SCG cotton blanket will be discounted by VND320,000 to VND369,000.

SGC high-grade plastic suitcases will be discounted by VND930,000 –VND1.18 million to only VND849,000-999,000.

There will also be a number of other promotion programmes offered together with the Super Incentive programme.

To be able to get discounts under the Super Incentive promotion programme, customers must have a bill of at least VND400,000.

More details are available at the supermarkets. — VNS

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