Clients' feedback about Duc Khai's Toshiba Air Conditioners

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014 14:42

Dear Clients,

In the last two months we, Duc Khai Corporation (Hereafter referred to as: "Duc Khai"), have received complaints from around 50 customers using Toshiba air conditioners sold by Duc Khai in the Vietnamese market about gas leaks and failure to cool the room properly, resulting in the environment and, especially, people's health being affected.

After getting the complaints from customers about the gas leakage, Duc Khai sent a technician to the field to check and settle the problem. To protect customers' health in particular and the community in general, Duc Khai is pleased to announce the following:

- With regard to gas leaks in model RAS-10N3A-V because of technical faults during the production process, Duc Khai will completely replace the outdoor units for customers free of charge;

- With regard to other models whose warranty has expired, Duc Khai will advise customers on change of compressor at a reasonable price.

Dear Clients,

The technical fault in 11,000 RAS-10N3A-V Toshiba air conditioners sold by Duc Khai, who imported from the manufacturer in Thailand, was unexpected. Gas leakages could occur in some of the air conditioners. In order to reduce any possible ill-effects on customers' health in particular and the community in general, Duc Khai would like to inform customers as follows:

1. Customers using Toshiba air conditioner Model RAS-10N3A-V can contact Duc Khai for information about the free replacement.

2. Duc Khai takes full responsibility for the technical faults in RAS-10N3A-V model air conditioners. Duc Khai will continue to exhort the manufacturer, Toshiba, to pay compensation in a satisfactory and consistent manner for losses suffered by customers because of using the faulty Toshiba air conditioner, which affected the health of customers in particular and the community in general.

3. For information about the repair and replacement, please contact hot line (08) 3835 1991 (Office hours) or 0908 212 928 (Ms.Van) or email:

Duc Khai once again sincerely apologises to all customers and partners for the technical fault and seeks your support and understanding. Duc Khai hopes for continued support from clients, partners, and consumers in the Vietnam market.

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