Cisco launches country digital transformation programme in Việt Nam

Saturday, Jun 22, 2024 11:08

A launching ceremony of the country digital acceleration (CDA) programme in Việt Nam by Cisco, a worldwide leader in technology, in Đà Nẵng City on Thursday. The programme aims to advance the nation’s digitisation agenda, aligning with the government’s National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025, vision 2030. — Photo courtesy of CISCO

Cisco, a world leader in technology, has launched its country digital acceleration (CDA) programme in Việt Nam to advance the nation’s digitisation agenda, aligning with the Government’s National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025, vision 2030.

Cisco said the CDA programme, which was announced at the Cisco CXO Symposium in Đà Nẵng City on Thursday, would see the collaboration from CISCO with public and private enterprises in Việt Nam, aiming at elevating the country’s technological capabilities.

It would focus on promoting economic growth, technological innovation, and cybersecurity resilience through improvements to the country’s communication and information infrastructure, it said.

“The CDA programme is a bridge connecting a country’s digital ambitions to the benefits of a digital society. The model is based on high degrees of trust and deep engagement across ecosystem partners in the public and private sectors,” said Dr. Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco.

“We are thrilled to bring this highly successful global programme to Việt Nam and look forward to working with the Vietnamese Government and local enterprises to build sustainable, secure, and inclusive communities through co-investment in digital skills training and innovation.”

According to CISCO, the CDA programme in Việt Nam will undertake several initiatives, focusing specifically on three key pillars including digital transformation in National Infrastructure; Digital Transformation in Enterprises and Digital Transformation in the Public Sector.

Cisco will work with local service providers to co-develop 5G capabilities and equip these companies with the necessary skills and best practices for network development and innovation.

The 5G network is critical infrastructure in Việt Nam’s digitisation agenda and its development will boost data transmission, accelerate business productivity, and enhance connectivity within communities.

Dr. Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco shares about the digital acceleration (CDA) programme in Việt Nam at a ceremony in Đà Nẵng City. — Photo courtesy of CISCO

Under the framework of CDA programme, Cisco will equip the financial services industry and manufacturing sectors with industry-leading technology and invest in the co-development of innovative digital solutions to accelerate industry-wide digital transformation. This will increase the competitiveness of Việt Nam’s financial services and manufacturing industries, propelling economic growth.

Cisco said it would partner with local public sector entities to advance national digital infrastructure for the Vietnamese Government. The initiatives within this pillar would support the establishment of a digital government, enhancing municipal management and fostering more inclusive communities. It was committed to securely connect everything and bridge the digital divide as initiatives of nurturing the next generation of digital talents in Việt Nam.

Alongside the delivery of new technologies and sharing of expertise, Cisco said it would also upskill local talent through Cisco Networking Academy, one of the world’s longest-running IT skills-to-jobs programs, to drive an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient digital economy in the country.

The programme has trained over 90,000 students in Việt Nam since its inception through partnerships with 30 higher-learning institutions. In the Asia Pacific region, Cisco trained a record number of one million students in its fiscal year 2023, the highest in its 26-year history and aims to train an additional 6.7 million people in the region by 2032.

“Việt Nam’s economy has demonstrated strong and consistent performance in recent years with digital interactions and cloud-first models rapidly becoming the default for businesses across the country,” said Jason Kalai, Interim Country Leader, Cisco Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

“Alongside the government’s National Digital Transformation Plan, there has never been a better time for public-private partnership to accelerate the country’s digitisation agenda. At Cisco, we are committed to working together with all stakeholders in Việt Nam to drive a new era of growth, tackle cybersecurity threats and power an inclusive future for all.” — VNS

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