AiHealth expands healthcare ecosystem amid latest COVID outbreak

Saturday, Jun 12, 2021 17:15

The AiHealth platform helps people find a doctor, buy medicine online, and make appointments for health examinations and healthcare services in their homes. It also helps individuals manage their lifetime electronic health records.— Photo courtesy of AiHealth

AiHealth platform, a medical technology solution with the mission to provide every Vietnamese with a personal doctor, aims to build a complete healthcare ecosystem to help Vietnamese access better healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in 2020, AiHealth platform ( helps people find a doctor, buy medicine online on a pharmacy network, make appointments for medical examinations at prestigious hospitals and for healthcare in their homes, and manage their lifetime electronic health records.

AiHealth has compiled a healthcare database for each user that uses artificial intelligence (AI). It will inform users of their health status and warn them of diseases based on family health history and health indicators of each individual.

AiHealth is now being used in 48 provinces and cities in Viet Nam with a network of 1,437 doctors, 438 nurses, 672 hospitals and clinics, pharmacies, and testing centres. The service helps thousands of people find their own doctors and therapists through communication via text messages, phone calls and video calls.

People can easily buy medicine online and receive medicine at home delivered by Ahamove (AiHealth will include Grab pay later) with convenient payment methods such as Payme, Momo and Payoo.

AiHealth has a Health Level 7 (HL7) standard database with an open API that can easily connect with all health information systems (HIS), laboratory information systems (LIS) and Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS).

HL7 is one of the most commonly used healthcare standards worldwide, supporting clinical practice and the evaluation, delivery and management of health services. In addition, the data security system ensures the safety of medical and personal records.

Phan Thanh Binh, co-founder and CEO of AiHealth, said: “As a pioneer in the application of advanced technology in healthcare to connect each person with a personal doctor in Viet Nam, AiHealth hopes to build a complete healthcare ecosystem that will store lifetime health records and uses AI to help people monitor their health.” — VNS

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