ADM eyes cut in greenhouse gas emissions

Thursday, Jun 04, 2020 16:34

Agricultural company ADM seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent. — VNS

Agricultural origination and processing company ADM has announced plans to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent and its energy intensity by 15 per cent by 2035.

Its chairman and CEO Juan Luciano said: “We believe it remains vitally important that we continue to plan for the future and remain good long-term stewards of our company and our planet.

“We know that the health of our natural resources is critical to our future. Consumers around the world know it as well, and they are making it clear that they expect their food and drink to come from sustainable ingredients, produced by companies that share their values. We are setting these ambitious emissions and energy goals for ourselves. Our future will be stronger for these goals.”

To achieve those goals, ADM engaged engineering professional services firm WSP Global to do a feasibility study to help shape a new set of commitments to combat climate change, identify several pathways towards success, including purchasing renewable electricity, increasing use of bio-mass fuels, transportation fleet changes, and equipment changes.

In 2019 ADM’s board formed a new committee on sustainability and corporate responsibility, offering guidance, leadership and oversight at the highest level for its sustainability and corporate citizenship efforts.

In Viet Nam, the company has installed biomass boilers in five facilities and solar panels at its Dong Thap facility. — VNS

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