Phu My Hung spends $267,000 to upgrade Chateau landscape

Friday, Jan 15, 2016 17:21

Chateau is the most luxurious villa project in Phu My Hung city centre. — VNS Photo

Phu My Hung Development Corporation has recently announced plans to spend VND6 billion (US$267,000) to upgrade the landscape of the Chateau villa project. Vice-President Truong Quoc Hung talks about it and the reason for it since Chateau already meets international standards.

It has only been two years since the Chateau was built. Why has your company decided to make changes so soon?

Truong Quoc Hung. — VNS Photo

The Chateau is the most luxurious villa project at Phu My Hung City Centre. Our company, right from the design process, made much effort and a lot of investment to develop the greenery surrounding the project.

During the two years the company has kept improving the living standards and surrounding landscape at the project. That is why we have decided to spend VND6 billion to make it cleaner and greener by planting more trees and changing the design in some places. And 100 per cent of the money is from the company.

Phu My Hung Development Corporation always tries hard to bring residents a better life. The investment in the Chateau is for this reason.

After the change this time, we hope the Chateau will be like many luxury resorts in the country. Thus, our occupants can rest and relax from early morning to evening even when they do not have time to go on vacation.

Phu My Hung decides to invest in upgrading the landscape in Chateau by replacing trees on main roads of the projects. — VNS Photo

We consider the upgrade our thanks to customers for choosing to live in Phu My Hung, the Chateau in particular.

What will change in this upgrade?

The work has started and will finish by the end of the first quarter this year. It will be done everywhere at the Chateau.

Firstly, all the trees along the main roads in Chateau will be replaced. At the three gates, three varieties of trees will alternate.

The "Symphony of Sensation" event is exclusively ogarnized for Chateau's residents. — VNS Photo

The landscape in front of the two clubs at the Chateau will be redesigned.

In addition, to separate the Chateau from other parts of Phu My Hung City Centre, tree walls will be planted. It will be for the first time tree walls will be created, and only for the Chateau.

Many other new kinds of trees will also be planted to bring more colour to the project.

Through the renovation, we once again emphasise the advantages of Chateau, which are design-landscaping, location and community.

Besides this, is any other programme on the cards for Chateau's residents?

Last week we organised an event called "Symphony of Sensation" to enable Chateau's owners to meet and network. This is one part of a programme to connect the Chateau's residents.

The programme featured many performances and there was a banquet.

Phu My Hung is developing the Happy Residence with its apartments near to Chateau. — VNS Photo

This is not the first time our company has spent money on organising special programmes for the Chateau. In the past we co-operated with partners to publish a brochure with various interior design options for use at the villas in Chateau so that our customers can save time.

The luxury Chateau villa project is built on an area of nearly 12 ha in the best spot in the Phu My Hung City Centre. It is like a peninsula surrounded by river. Only 19 per cent of the land was used for construction. The remaining area was used for trees, facilities and infrastructure. Wherever they live, occupants can enjoy clean air and beautiful landscapes.

Chateau has two clubs with many facilities including a gym, children's entertainment centre, yoga, outside party space, a pool, and a tennis court.

The villas in the Chateau range from 400sq.m to 600sq.m.

Phu My Hung Development Corporation will complete phase 4 of the project with 28 villas in the third quarter of this year.

Near the Chateau, Phu My Hung is now developing the Happy Residence apartment project. It is on the way to the Chateau. The project has been sold in third phases, and results have been excellent. The fourth phase of sales, involving 142 apartments, will be on January 24.

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