Gessi sanitaryware to make The Peak unique in HCM City’s condo market

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 09:00

Many people have been flocking to buy apartments in The Peak, the last project in the Phu My Hung Midtown complex, since the day it was launched in the market by Phu My Hung Development Corporation and three Japanese partners.

Explaining their reason for buying, investors said they are convinced by the prestige of the developer, the project’s location and the amenities it offers. Another key factor is that The Peak is the first condo in HCM City to use Gessi, a famous brand name in the bathroom equipment industry. The company’s products are only used in luxury hotels and resorts in Viet Nam.

The Peak (M8A) is the first condo project using Gessi’s products for entire buildings

Fabio Minicozzi, business director of Gessi Singapore, speaks about the brand and the collaboration with The Peak’s developers.

Could you tell us something about Gessi and what makes the brand unique in the Vietnamese market?

Gessi is a brand coming from Italy with only one manufacturer in Italy so that all of our products are made in the country.

This is a factor that makes Gessi unique.

In the Vietnamese market, we have many competitors but none of them are from Italy.

I would like to say that there are many competitors that we are facing every day in the market.

Some brands from the EU in Viet Nam have products ranging from low-end to high-end. Of the segments, some of the mid-priced and high-end products are made in the EU. The mid-priced and low-end products are mostly made in China and Thailand,…

At Gessi, it is different: All our products are completely made in Italy.

With that, I believe, The Peak is the only condo project in Viet Nam with bath equipment imported from Italy.

Is there any difference between Gessi’s products and other high-end ones in the market?

Gessi has about 30 years of experience in making bathroom equipment. Our brand is listed among the top three in bathroom equipment providers in terms of size and product diversity.

The uniqueness, design and quality are the value that Gessi brings to its customers.

We are making every effort to bring things our customers have never experienced before.

In the luxury segment, we are confident to say that Gessi is number 1.

We have co-operated with famous customers in the world like Chanel, Gucci and LV, and our products have been used in many famous buildings in the world including Armani in Milan, Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico and Trump building.

I would like to say that Gessi has only one factory in the world. This factory is situated in Italy. In our strategy and future plans, there is no plan to open other factory around the world because of certain reasons.

All Gessi’s products are 100% made in Italy

The first reason is taking care and controlling the quality. Having one factory allows us to maintain the highest level of quality.

The second reason is our expertise. In the factory we have many employees who have the experience, tradition and know-how in developing our products.

So this is information that helps you understand our quality features compared to our competitors. I will say we are the only brand in the market able to provide 100 per cent made-in-Italy products. Starting from our mid-priced collection up to the most iconic high-end collection, all of them are made in our only factory in Italy.

Could you tell us about the collaboration with the developers of The Peak project in Phu My Hung City Centre?

We are very glad to have the chance to work with Phu My Hung Development Corporation and to contribute to The Peak.

Phu My Hung is one of the very first developers that we co-operating with in HCM City, and The Peak is one of the very first projects to use Gessi for the whole project for all the bathrooms.

When seeking a new partner, we often choose one who is able to be a representative of our standards and values.

The reason we decided to collaborate with Phu My Hung to develop The Peak was that we saw the same standard in The Peak and Gessi’s products.

Gessi is a symbol of uniqueness and luxury, and we believe that Phu My Hung, with its great prestige and many successful projects, is a suitable customer to present our values.

Phu My Hung and The Peak will help develop our brand in the Vietnamese market.

The Peak represents the luxury and unity in the real estate market

Which materials and products will be used in The Peak?

Creating uniqueness and luxury products is our strategy and that will be the case with The Peak.

Therefore, we chose the Rettanglolo collection for The Peak. This is one of our iconic collections.

Rettanglolo will bring to The Peak unique and exclusive bathrooms, something that residents won’t find in other projects, other apartments, other villas.

Thanks to the special designs and special colors chosen for this project, we do believe you are getting uniqueness and exclusivity.

It’s one opportunity to get; there are no other options, no other opportunities, just get it.

Nowadays, developers pay lots of attention using green materials. Is there anything in this regard you want to share about GESSI materials?

At GESSI, we only use top materials whether the product is made of glass or stainless steel. Our raw materials come only from Italian suppliers, making our products unique in the market. We ensure the origin of our products, starting from raw materials.

In terms of air and environment, we do take care of the environment. Back in our factory in Italy -- where I would like to invite all of you to visit if possible -- we really take care of nature, the environment around by using only natural sources for our energy and electricity. We have solar panels all over our roof in the factory, so 75 per cent of the energy we use comes from our solar panels. The other 25 per cent comes from external suppliers but certified to provide only natural sources which can be sun, wind.

Talking about the health of users and products, what we do is that we try to reduce water consumption as much as we can. Nowadays water is a very sensitive matter. We all know water is not for forever, so we have to be very conscious. What we do is make products to be used with water. What we do is to try to save as much water as we can.

The Peak highlights the environment-friendly lifestyle for residents

In your opinion, what is the definition of a luxury project? What is the most important factor reflecting the luxury?

I believe that nowadays, luxury means experiences and durability. The experience of the luxury involves in our body and mind.

Therefore, wellness is also an important factor that Gessi is following, the most important concept that we are developing. Because people nowadays are looking for private time and environment for themselves. But for sure the time and environment must be long-lasting, almost forever. Otherwise luxury cannot be luxury. So I would say that experiences – durability – quality are the three most important elements that every luxury project must have. And looking at The Peak (M8A), I strongly believe customers can find those values.

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