Regent Chongqing – the peaceful oasis in modern life


On my journey to experience some of the most exciting places in the world, I arrived in Chongqing on the first day of June, on the occasion of the wedding of my friend Kroos. He praised the city as an excellent place to plan a wedding, with abundant high-class, deluxe hotel options and dreamy wedding venues.  

I set foot in one of China’s richest cities on a summer day. Picking me up at Jiangbei International Airport, a housekeeper in an elegant suit stood beside the shiny Mercedes S-Class, gracefully bowing and giving me a cool towel and a card with my name written in Vietnamese on the front.

The car took me to the Chongqing Regent within about 30 minutes. I was extremely pleased with this speed and thoughtfulness, as I had heard it can be a challenge to navigate the city thanks to its 4,000 bridges, overlapping road networks and railroads running through tall buildings.

The Chongqing Regent is a five-star international standard hotel located in the vibrant financial centre of Jiangbeizui. From the outside, the Regent looks like the other high-rise buildings. But when you step inside, you’ll find the Regent Chongqing immediately scores high points in the hearts of visitors. The Regent Chongqing offers an oasis of tranquility with timeless splendor, a combination of exquisite design, state-of-the-art facilities, culinary experiences and unique health care services, especially the perfect personalised service.

Indeed, this place is an inspirational piece of fine art. It is a true art space combining luxurious, modern Western standards that still preserve the traditions of this cultural city. Regent uses the local centuries-old materials such as pottery, porcelain, jade and lacquer; embracing the characteristic features of China with brown, bronze and grey with warm wood, bring a cosy feeling and typical Asian features.

Most of the rooms have panoramic views of Jialang River and the Yixing Peninsula

Regent Chongqing shows delicate attention to every detail: the smallest products have the "R" logo in bold, including the skin mask in the bathroom. The five-function bathroom system is recognised as one of the most unique designs in the world. The elegant design of Regent creates an environment of subtle sophistication.

My friend used Regent Bespoke Luxury Weddings service for his wedding. A Wedding Butler is available at all the times to assist and give advice to the bride and the groom and ensures that the wedding is a smooth one from the moment of greeting to the end of the ceremony. The wedding space is prepared meticulously. It is romantic with roses and wine. Appreciating the personal requirements and bringing the new luxury experience to customers is the mark of the Regent Chongqing.

Then I understood why my friend definitely chose this place for the most important day of his life. I spent more time to experience all the attractions of Regent Chongqing. River Terrace - a bar located on the top floor of the hotel – is the best paradise for relaxing and enjoying a whiskey and the panoramic views of the Yangtze River junction and Jialang on a cool summer day. My appetite was really satisfied with traditional Cantonese and Sichuan dishes at Li Jing Shuen or trying the mouth-watering steak at Robin’s Grill & Teppanyaki.

River Terrace - The bar on the top floor of the hotel offers a sumptuous experience

Undoubtedly, this hotel was rated among the best in the city because it was built according to the strictest criteria, which has created the Regent Hotels and Resorts worldwide reputation. In the period of 47 years, Regent’s hotel occupancy rate has been always over 90 per cent and it has hosted many international stars such as Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga. With a 51 per cent acquisition of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Regent Hotels and Resorts is now the most premium brand in the IHG hotel brand chain.

 In Việt Nam, the dream of a five-star unique and delicate international brand name like Regent Chongqing has become a reality. The Regent Residences Phu Quoc appears on the Emerald Island as the focus of a number of investors and high-class people. If Regent Chongqing is considered as a merry poet in the heart of the bustling city, Regent Residences Phu Quoc is more exciting. In the middle of the wilderness of Bãi Trường beach is a jade hut, hidden and beautifully rare. The closer we get, the brighter and more sparkling the gem is.

Each of the Sky Villas Regent Residences Phu Quoc has an open view with its own infinity pool

Regent Residences Phu Quoc started to launch the Sky Villas luxury resort paradise suspended between the clouds and blue sea. Forty-two Sky Villas are luxurious with private privileges, bringing free and creative inspiration for the owner. In addition, each property has a wide view of the horizon, adding to the infinity pool. Certainly just at the first eye contact, the beauty of Sky Villas at Regent Residences Phu Quoc will make people love them and want to own one.

With a limited number, choosing Sky Villas is the wise decision of the pioneering investor. Of course, with the management of a brand such as Regent, profitability is guaranteed. Regent Residences Phu Quoc is committed to offer investors profit of not less than 9 per cent per year for nine years and revenue share up to 40 per cent.