BIM Group wins International Property Awards 2018


BIM Group was honoured in the Mixed-use Architecture category for Boutique Hotel Phu Quoc Waterfront project at the International Property Awards (IPA) 2018 held in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 5.

Introduced nearly 20 years ago with a professional jury team,IPA has become one of the most widely recognised international awards in the world, guaranteeing the prestige of the awarded brands.

Passing a rigorous process of evaluation by an international jury, Boutique Hotel Phu Quoc Waterfront project, invested by BIM Group, won the five-star “Mixed-use Architecture” award, which recognises the most complex projects.

The award is a testament to the outstanding quality of Boutique Hotels Phu Quoc Waterfront as well as real estate developer BIM Group.

A representative of the group said: “For many consecutive years, BIM Group has been honoured in various categories of the IPA awards. This motivates us to develop real estate projects meeting international standards as well as provide solutions to customers. The award helps to affirm the reputation and sustainable development of BIM Group.”

Caption: Boutique Hotels Phu Quoc Waterfront won the five-star award in the ‘Mixed-use Architecture’ category of IPA 2018.

Boutique Hotel Phu Quoc Waterfront is located in Phu Quoc Marina, a resort and entertainment complex built on an area of ​​155ha with an initial investment capital of US$180 million. It is located in Bãi Trường in the beautiful Phú Quốc island along a 20km-coastline from Dinh Cậu cape to Tàu Rũ corner.

Based on the idea of ​​building an old quarter preserving traditional culture, Phu Quoc Waterfront project is developed in the style of a boutique hotel. It has unique pedestrian streets with a neo-classical, modern design,which is in harmony with the surrounding works.

The project consists of 142 houses designed in Indochina architecture. All houses are double-sided and can be connected to each other to increase the size of the area, depending on the needs of the owner.

Phu Quoc Waterfront offers the amenities and entertainment options of Phu Quoc Marina complex, such as sea square, walking street, night market, tourist pier, restaurant, beach bar, beer club, spa, gym and amusement park.

Phu Quoc Waterfront has attracted many investors and is almost always “out of stock” when being open for sale. Besides the convenience of location and profitability of commercial tourism services, Phu Quoc Waterfront is a perfect place for anyone looking for a peaceful, private and natural environment.

Caption: Boutique hotel Phu Quoc Waterfront is located in the Phu Quoc Marina urban area complex.

After the success of Phu Quoc Waterfront, with the motto “pioneering the new trend”, BIM Group is now developing another boutique hotel in Halong Marina---the largest and most modern urban area in Hạ Long City which has been planned and developed into a service-tourism-holiday centre in the northern province of Quảng Ninh.

In the development orientation of Halong Marina, BIM Group is committed to turning Peninsula 2 into a high-class commercial and service centre.

The Boutique Hotel Shophouse (BHS) model project at Marina Square has a central location in the heart of the Hạ Long Heritage Centre. It is located between Peninsula 2 of Halong Marina and the sea square, bearing the image of a “dragon reaching out to the sea”.

Marina Square has been designed by famous Spanish architect Salvado Perez Arroyo, who has also designed the Centro Eventi Multifunzionalein Italy (classified among the top five works in Europe in 2016).

Just like Phu Quoc Waterfront, Marina Square is not only a perfect combination of boutique hotel and shophouse but also the highlight of the entire Halong Marina urban area.

With its efforts to bring diverse real estate products to meet the needs of different customers and a series of awards it has won recently, BIM Group has become one of the most prominent names in the domestic and international market.