BIM Group pioneers trend of Boutique Hotels


In recent times, Boutique Hotel Shophouse (BHS) — a new model of real estate in Vietnam — is becoming the focus of investors thanks to its 3-in-1 benefits (resort, investment, business).

Ideal Time to Invest in New Model

The northern province of Quảng Ninh was selected to host National Tourism Year — a typical cultural, economic and social event on an international scale. In addition, a series of important infrastructure projects of Quảng Ninh are in the queue to be completed. For example, the Bạch Đằng Bridge connecting Hải Phòng City with Quảng Ninh Province has just been inaugurated, the Hạ Long - Hải Phòng, Hạ Long - Vân Đồn expressways, Vân Đồn International Airport will be put into use this year. Especially, the Vân Đồn Special Administrative Economic Zone and Special Zone will be passed by the National Assembly in the fifth session. All of these factors resonate to promote Quảng Ninh tourism significantly.

According to the Quảng Ninh Tourism Department, in the first quarter of 2018, the number of visitors to Quảng Ninh reached about 4.6 million. On the April 30 and May Day holiday, Quảng Ninh welcomed about 530,000 tourists. Quảng Ninh has set a target to welcome at least 12 million tourists in 2018, including five million international visitors. In 2020, the province aims at attracting 15-16 million visitors, including seven million foreign tourists.

However, the Quảng Ninh tourism sector is also facing great challenges with the number of visitors growing significantly but the accommodation infrastructure not meeting requirements. Most visitors choose to stay in Hạ Long when coming to Quảng Ninh, however, there is a shortage of 3-5 star hotel rooms, especially the lack of new resort models such as Poshtel, Branded Residence, or Boutique Hotels Shophouse (BHS) — models that have been rated as effective and popular in many countries in the region in order to promote sales and support operation, bringing unique experiences for visitors and enhancing value for the project.

Many opinions also suggest that this is a golden opportunity to invest in BHS Hạ Long this year because of the reasonable selling price, great profitability, flexibility as well as synchronous services. In the tourism developing localities, this is the segment that dominates the hotel business.

Experts analysts say that Boutique Hotels Shophouse model, which is villas associated with land, often located in the real estate resort of reputable investors, have many advantages of landscape and services and are designed with multi-functionality making it suitable for mini hotel business. However, the supply of this product is very limited. Therefore, this is one of the most attractive models of real estate at the moment.

Thanks to the 3-in-1 benefits (resort, investment, business), BHS — a new real estate model emerging in Việt Nam via some projects such as Phú Quốc Waterfront, Sun Premier Village Hạ Long and Marina Square — is attracting investors.

Possessing a Central Location in a Heritage Area

With the motto "Pioneering the New Business Trend,” BIM Group has successfully developed the BHS model in the Phú Quốc Waterfront project. With this success and the desire to continue to bring new and successful experiences to customers, BIM Group continues to bring this model to Hạ Long Marina — the largest and most modern urban area in Hạ Long City — which has been planned and developed into a service-tourism-resort centre of Quảng Ninh Province.

In the development orientation of Halong Marina, BIM Group is committed to creating Peninsula 2 to become Quảng Ninh's leading tourist resort. Located in the middle of Peninsula 2, directly connected to the sea square with the image of "dragon reaching out to the sea,” it can be said that the BHS Marina Square project has a central location in the heart of Hạ Long Heritage Centre.

Designed by the famous Spanish architect, Salvado Perez Arroyo, the father of the Centro Eventi Multifunzionale, Italy, the top five of Europe's 2016 design, Marina Square is not just a perfect match among Boutique, Hotel and Shophouse, but also the highlight of the whole urban area.

Inspired by the architectural style of many of the world's most famous streets, including Barcelona's La Rambla, Salvador Perez Arroyo has created Marina Square as a unique architectural wonder on the seashore. This wonder has sophistication in each axis and beauty in each curve with classical statues and reasonable spacing.

Marina Square: Masterpiece at the Heritage Centre

Being a perfect missing piece of Hạ Long Marina (besides other unique projects such as Little Vietnam, Royal Lotus Villas & Resort), however, Marina Square itself is also a colourful picture, made by these factors: 1.8ha underground parking ảrea, fountains, children's playground, artificial beach, giant wave pool, crowded night market, flower gardens and kiosks about one kilometre besides the world wonder’s beach.

On the street known as "Barcelona of Việt Nam,” together with corporate headquarters, banks, national corporations and hotels managed by leading international brands such as InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG), Ascott Limited, a system of 88 BHS in eight floors with 2-3 facades with smart design, making use of the most of natural light sources, helps to maximise the benefits for customers and bring more modernity to the street.

Owning to an ideal location with a large number of tourists and the high demand for leasing, together with the flexibility of combing accommodation (from 20 hotel rooms per unit to over 100 rooms) are factors that ensure the success of Marina Square. It is also fully equipped to become the "new central pedestrian street of Quảng Ninh.”

Thus, it can be said that the profit potential of Quảng Ninh real estate, the growth of modern urban Halong Marina, the orientation of synchronous and modern development of the Peninsula 2 are significant factors to increase the value of the property of Marina Square in the future.

BIM Group has long been known as one of the leading multinational conglomerates in Việt Nam. It owns a large number of real estate projects including Halong Marina with an area of 248ha and a total investment of about US$2 billion.

Located in the urban area of Halong Marina, Marina Square has 4.7ha area with 88 boutique hotels combining an eight-storey shophouse, land area of 182 – 198sq.m per unit, located along the central pedestrian street of Peninsula 2. It is 60m from Hoàng Quốc Việt Road and 120m away from the sea square.

In addition to the existing hotel brands such as Citadines Apart-Hotel, Royal Lotus, BIM Group is collaborating with leading management units in the world to bring many other prestigious brands such as InterContinental Resort, Holiday Inn, Langham Hotels & Resort to Halong Marina in general and Marina Square in particular.