First Vietnamese bank issues ATM card through LiveBank

Thursday, May 03, 2018 16:31

TPBank has been the first bank in Viet Nam issuing ATM card through its LiveBank. — Photo

Tien Phong Joint Stock Commercial Bank (TPBank) has updated a new function of issuing ATM cards to customers through LiveBank - the first auto banking system in Viet Nam.

Nguyen Hung, TPBank’s general director, said customers needed to click on the machine to connect with bank staff and provide their ID card or passport to scan on the machine as well as complete information registration. LiveBank will then automatically issue an ATM card to the customer after a review from the bank’s staff. The entire process is estimated to take a maximum of six minutes instead of several days or even a week when applying for an ATM card through a bank’s branch.

Hung said customers can also register for debit card at LiveBank and receive the same at its branches.

“The update is a roadmap to develop LiveBank and show TPBank’s commitment in increasing digital content in its products and services,” he said, adding that the function could help LiveBank become the most comprehensive auto bank in Viet Nam.

Pham Ngoc Cuong, an engineer of TPBank’s digital bank project, said LiveBank could implement all of the most complicated transactions, such as opening a bank account, issuing ATM cards as well as opening and closing an online savings account any time.

The bank now has 60 LiveBank machines, which are mostly located at large centres and streets in major cities throughout the country.

The bank plans to increase LiveBank machines to 100 in 2018. — VNS

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