Banks warn customers about fraud during Tet

Thursday, Jan 16, 2020 16:14

Customers should be more vigilant for fraudulent transactions during the upcoming Tet holiday. — Photo Vietcombank

Commercial banks have issued warnings to customers about examples of fraud that are common during Tet (Lunar New Year).

Vietcombank has warned its customers about the most common tricks used by fraudsters. According to the bank, fraudsters tend to contact account holders by telephone, on social media or by email, pretending to be their relatives or officials and asking these customers to transfer money to them.

They even pose as Vietcombank officials and ask for passwords to bank accounts.

As for those using e-wallets, swindlers may impersonate employees of e-wallet service providers and trick bank customers into providing information linked to their bank accounts.

Vietcombank stressed that it never asks its customers to provide personal information, except when customers ask for the bank’s support and the information is needed to verify the customer’s identity. Also, the bank does not ask customers to provide passwords to bank accounts or one-time passwords for online transactions or to transfer money. Therefore, all such requests are from criminals.

The bank advised customers to keep passwords to their bank accounts private, consider whether transactions are safe, conduct transactions on official websites and log out of accounts after carrying out transactions.

When suspecting fraudulent bank activities, clients should temporarily close their account or change their password before contacting the bank for further instruction.

Techcombank said that many doing business online are victims of fraud, as they normally display their bank account number and trading activities on Facebook. After obtaining this information, imposters might impersonate a bank or state employee to ask shop owners for their OTP code and then withdraw all money from their accounts.

In order to protect themselves, Techcombank’s customers are recommended not to reveal security information related to their internet banking or use cracked software to access the operating system of an electronic device. They are also suggested not to enter sign-in passwords or OTP codes on websites with unclear origin or unfamiliar links. Finally, online trading via public devices is not encouraged at all.

Vo Do Thang, director of the Athena Network Security Center, said despite banks’ warnings, many customers become victims of swindlers, so they should be more vigilant for fraudulent transactions during the upcoming Tet holiday. — VNS

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