Banks introduce eTax Mobile service

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022 17:47

A taxpayer uses the eTax Mobile application. The electronic tax payment on the application via the bank will create favourable conditions for taxpayers, while also bringing added value to bank customers. — Photo

The first six banks have provided accounts for users to make online tax payments via the eTax Mobile application.

As of June 22, the banks, including BIDV, VCB, SCB, ACB, HDBank and TPBank, made 29,000 transactions worth more than VND190 billion for their customers with tax authorities via the eTax Mobile application.

The General Department of Taxation (GDT) said it is continuing to carry out authentication with a number of other banks to accelerate the deployment of eTax Mobile, contributing to creating favourable conditions for taxpayers and implementing a project for developing non-cash payments in 2021-25 and a national digital transformation programme to 2025 in Viet Nam.

The eTax Mobile application is a service channel in the integrated platform of the tax industry that provides electronic tax services to taxpayers that are individuals and business households to ensure safety and security.

Pham Quang Toan, director of the GDT’s Information Technology Department, said the application brings many benefits to taxpayers, so the application will be expanded with more services, forming an ecosystem of smart tax services.

Instead of previously obtaining information about tax obligations through face-to-face contacts, phone calls, emailing the tax authorities, or looking up public information on the GDT’s website, the taxpayers now can actively search for information quickly through the eTax Mobile application with an internet-connected device such as mobile phone or tablet.

The country’s tax agency said the eTax Mobile application is built in a modern direction, associated with the general trend of smart mobile applications, compatible on both iOS and Android platforms, easy to use and meets the actual needs of taxpayers when it integrates with a variety of utilities.

Toan said to facilitate taxpayers to contribute to implementing the Government's direction on non-cash payments, the GDT will continue to connect with all banks so that all individuals and taxpayers can pay taxes electronically on the eTax Mobile application.

Many tax departments across the country have so far supported taxpayers to use the eTax Mobile application.

Industry insiders said electronic devices have entered most people's lives. In the implementation of electronic tax, there are still a number of business households and non-agricultural taxpayers who are not good at using advanced devices. However, this is only a temporary difficulty and does not affect the implementation when the tax sector is still focusing on providing information and guiding people to use applications, especially utilities in tax payment and search, helping people pay tax more actively and easily. — VNS

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