Enjoying culinary specialities at Indo Express, Asia Park

Just launched days ahead of the New Year, Indo Express, a Batak Toba Indonesian style restaurant, has already attracted thousands of clients.

They have been flocking to the place to enjoy European and Asian culinary specialities in an impressive cultural space.

With a seating capacity of 700 together with abundant choices on its menu, Indo Express, becomes a must-try restaurant for tourists and citizens in the central Đà Nẵng City.

What is very impressive about Indo Express is the Batak Toba Indonesian architectural style, known for unique boat-shaped house on stilts.

The restaurant covers around 1,820 square metres in Asia Park, a recreation park with the world’s most modern and exciting games and rides, owned by Sun Group.

With the launching of Indo Express, Asia Park has turned into a must-go recreation and food destination in the central tourism city.

Asia Park fares:

-         VND200,000 per adult

-         VND150,000 per child from 1m-1.3m high (free for child below 1m high)

The fares include Sun Whell, Monorail, 19 outdoor games, Softplay, Sunblaster and 64 coin-operated machines.

Opening time: 15h30 to 22h30 and 9h30 to 22h30 on national holidays

From March 1, 2017: Asia Park introduces Membership card without limits on the number of entrances at prices:

-         VND400,000 for one month

-         VND700/000 for three months

-         VND1 million for six months

-         VND1.5 million for one year.