Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) searching talents for business growth

With the banking sector undergoing thorough restructuring that will quicken in the 2016-20 period, high-quality human resources are leading to a competitive advantage amid rapid international integration.

That is why banks are gearing up to hunt for fresh talent.

However, the fact is that the financial and banking sector is facing a shortage of high-quality human resources.

University graduates are plenty, but their skills and knowledge need to be improved to meet requirements of employers, especially in development strategy, risk management, banking products and more importantly the soft skills to help them more efficiently.

A survey by the Institute of Manpower, Banking and Finance (BTCI) founded that there were some 61,000 graduates in 2016, doubling the figure in 2012-13. Yet, only half were employed. BTCI forecast that the financial sector would need more than 120,000 employers by 2020 as banks are expanding their businesses quickly in pace with the economic development.

To attract and retain talented people, banks are offering alluring remuneration policies and opportunities for training, development and promotion. A good corporate culture is also a big plus in winning people’s heart.

According to Tran Minh Huong, Head Human Resources of wholly-foreign-owned Standard Chartered Bank (Viet Nam), manpower plays a decisive role in the success of a company.

“To attract talent, Standard Chartered attaches special attention to building its corporate culture with five core values -- Courageous, Responsive, International, Creative, and Trustworthy.”

“Besides working facilities of international standards, we maintain a friendly and open working environment where all employees are able to raise their voice and are heard and where all their hard work is recognised according to merit.”

Huong said the bank’s personnel policies were regularly updated with appropriate remuneration, recruitment, training and reward policies to stimulate employees and ensure positive staff engagement.

Standard Chartered also regularly organises training courses in the country and overseas to enrich its employees’ knowledge and skills, so as to help them develop to their full potential. “We believe our employees’ success is our development.”

According to Huong, Standard Chartered is expanding its retail business in Viet Nam to serve the boosting demand for retail banking services of increasing affluent people.

The bank is eyeing recruitment of employees for such business growth, and priority will be given to those with good foreign language skills, knowledge and other competencies.

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