One test screens up to 16 hereditary cancers at

Vinmec Medical System


The Vinmec Medical System recently announced a new testing method that can detect up to 16 common hereditary cancers in women and 15 hereditary cancers in men. With this outstanding method, Vinmec is the first private medical system in Việt Nam to provide early cancer screening services with only one test.

Stomach, rectum, pancreas and lung, as well as liver, breast, ovarian and cervical cancers are familiar hereditary cancers in both men and women, and can be detected early through the advanced gene test method. This breakthrough cancer screening test requires only one test in one's lifetime to know cancer risks and take prevention measures.


“Anyone can have cancer, especially people with relatives suffering from the disease. Early cancer screening makes one aware of risks and appropriate measures to timely handle the disease,” Vinmec Stem Cell and Gene Research Institute director Prof. Nguyễn Thanh Liêm said.

“Detecting the mutative gene in family members will play an important role in diagnosing, predicting and treating cancer. With just one test, health experts can provide consultation or warning about cancer risks for all family members,” Prof. Liêm said.

Besides collecting blood sample for the genetic test, based on certain conditions, Vinmec will use the diagnostic imaging, ultrasound or endoscopy methods to confirm screening accuracy and effectiveness.

Vinmec is the first private medical system in Việt Nam to get the Illumina​ HiSeqTM and 4000 Illumina​ MiSeq systems to define the mutation causing popular hereditary cancers. Along with other advanced medical facilities such as 3.0 Tesla MRI machine, Aquilion One 640 slice CT Scanner or Evis Exera III CV-190 video system, the Vinmec medical system has become the leading medical facility to carry out cancer screening services for 15-16 hereditary cancers, with accurate results at an early stage.

Early cancer screening is seen as the "golden key” to diagnose and undertake cancer prevention measures, reducing fatality risk and expense for patients. Cancer death rate is very high in Việt Nam due to detection at a late stage (70 per cent of patients are treated during late stage of cancer). The country reports 115,000 cancer deaths yearly, equivalent to 315 deaths daily. In addition, the cancer cure rate (continuing to live for more than five years after detection) is low in Việt Nam, at between 33 and 40 per cent, compared with between 70 and 80 per cent in developed countries.

To contribute to controlling cancer, among the leading fatal diseases in Việt Nam, the Vinmec medical system considers cancer research and treatment one of its 13 key specialties, of which genetic test for hereditary cancer screening is the latest medical technique to be applied. Vinmec medical system is also the first private medical system to obtain this advanced technology in Việt Nam.


Special offer for first 100 customers to be screened for cancer with the new advanced technology

During the first stage of implementing the new genetic technology in cancer screening, Vinmec is offering special policies for the first 100 customers.

The VVIP early cancer screening package (16 common hereditary cancers in women and 15 hereditary cancers in men) will be offered at a discount of 35 per cent to the first 100 customers, from VNĐ57,720,322 to VNĐ 38,000,000.

Vinmec is providing the VVIP early cancer screening package through its adayroi e-commerce website

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